Temporarily Tied Up

I drive a  Chrysler Pacifica and for the last few months I have had trouble with the front end plastic bumper that kinda clips in and then promptly falls out.   My husband has repeatedly fixed it, only to have it fall again, making driving, well a little risky.

It happened again last week, while I was out on sales calls for my full-time job,check out www.metroalive.com.  Long story short, the corner gas station, where they do some repair work, referred me to a dealership, where I was told, it could be fixed.

But the problem was, I was afraid to drive for fear the bumper, already scraping the pavement would fall off and cause an accident.  So my remedy was rope—-even worse white rope.  I tied, or should I say, my husband who came to my aid, tied the bumper  to the plastic piece above it, until I can get to a dealer.

It is a temporary measure, designed to aid me in the interim, the time between getting home safely and getting to the dealer.  Only in my case, I have let a few days slip by, because I can’t be without wheels.  Like most of us, we depend on our transportation to get us to work and in the case of breast cancer to and from treatment.

I started thinking about this temporary fix and decided it really is very much like what we are trying to do with The Pink Fund.  Our direct bill payment program is a temporary fix.  It is good for a brief period of time, long enough to get you from a place of panic to hopefully a place of peace so that you can focus on treatment, recovery and return to your new normal.

Our program is not going to permanently cover all your bills.  But it will provide the necessary support, the financial aid while in  active treatment for breast cancer.

But here’s the bottom line, with the economy in Michigan as it is and the cost to have my bumper repaired . . . I do plan to get an estimate tomorrow, it may just be I need to be temporarily tied up for a few more weeks.  I am thankful for the support.  And thankful for the work we do.

If you believe in temporarily supporting another through a tough time,please consider a donation to The Pink Fund. I cannot tell you the relief I hear in the voice of our recipients who learn a bill will be paid in their behalf.  It may be temporary, but it is just long enough to get them “home.”

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