Cat Walking


By Molly MacDonald

When I was a little girl, my father was in the public relations business,which means he put on events designed to drive news.  Many of them involved selecting and hiring models.

I remember pouring over the comp cards of these beautiful women.  Looking at their all too perfectly coiffed hair, their red lips and checking out their statistics.  Height: 5’8″. Weight: 110lbs. Measurements: 34-24-34.

I always dreamed of walking the runway, but I was far from the perfection agencies sought when hiring talent.
At 5’6″ and 111 lbs. I was too short.  And my face was too full.

By the time my face lost its fullness and I was still slender, I was still too short and then, too old.

Fast forward 40 years and I find myself, yes me and moi, walking the runway, in LA no less for Fashion For The Cure to benenfit Komen, LA County.  I was one of eight Survivor models surrounded by a bevy of 15 year old girls from the Ford agency and an assortment of celebs; Denise Richards, Wanda Colon, Jeannie Mai, Caroline D’Amore, Mya and Eliza Dushku, who donned the Diane VonFurstenberg Resort 2009/Spring 2010 collection.

The venue was Smashbox Studios, where rows upon rows of white chairs lined a runway at least 60 feet long.  Panels of sheer white drapes hung from the ceilings. The studio was bathed in pale pink lights.  Photographers and videographers hovered at the foot to snap and tape the event.

The lights were bright, the music was loud.

I was like a race horse, just waiting to be let out of the gate and strut my stuff.  My hair perfectly coiffed by the famous Michael Haase of Le Christophe Salon, my make-up flawless compliments of Smashbox, and my dress, a lovely Grecian styled  dark navy, almost black, draped over my body.

As I stood waiting my turn in the spotlight, Denise Richards looked at me and said, “Aren’t you nervous?” And I replied, “No, not a bit.  I can’t wait.”

Strutting my Stuff

While it was a great week for me personally, meeting so many other amazing survivors and hearing their stories, more importantly it was a great week for The Pink Fund.  I was able to make connections on a national level,which have already begun to pay off.

Just like the runway models, The Pink Fund is ready to strut its stuff across the national runway of our country, raising funds and helping families facing financial fallout because of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Bring on the lights.  Bring on the music.  Because here we come.  And we can’t wait . . . . to help!

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