In today’s “email”

By Molly MacDonald

In an effort to convey to our generous donors and those who might consider The Pink Fund as a place where their charitable dollars will be well used, we will publish excerpts from time to time on emails we receive from patients, their families or medical representatives for financial assistance:

12 January 2010
Dear Molly
Thank you so much for your quick response. As you could tell my anxiety level is and has been quite high. Not only is dealing with the blow of cancer in my thoughts, but then to add to the ordeal is the financial hardship that comes along with it.

I never thought that I would ever get this diagnosis nor did I ever think that in the same period of time we would be facing such a financial crisis.

Here is my story. My husband lost his job in December 2008………Over the 4th of July weekend I got sunburned and was applying lotion to my burn. That was when I felt that something wasn’t quite right on my right breast. My husband felt it too and actually made me go and get it checked. My doctor ordered a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy for July 17. My 1 cm lump was not seen on the mammogram but could be seen plain as day on the ultrasound. The biopsy confirmed that it was invasive ductal carcinoma.

Then all the craziness began. On August 5th I had a bilateral mastectomy. During that surgery they found  the cancer had spread to two of my sentinel lymph nodes.   In September  more lymph nodes were removed and  luckily they all came back negative.

I went back to work after being off for seven weeks. A second opinion from an oncologist recommended  chemotherapy. I had my first of six treatments October 14.

My husband continues daily to look for work. He is even considering out of state jobs which would be very difficult for us since I rely on him so much for help with the kids when I am not feeling well.

I appreciate any help that comes our way. We have received meals from family and friends and lots of love and support which is fabulous, but people don’t like to talk about not being able to pay the bills. It’s very hard to go from a working family doing well to unemployed and sick in a matter of months.
I do have faith that someday things will turn around again and this will be in the past but until then we need to reach out for some help. I appreciate you hearing my story and allowing me to reach out.
Thank you,
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