A World’s Record Worth Pursuing

By Molly MacDonald

I can’t help thinking about Claddagh’s  Irish Pub and their desire to hold the World’s Record for the highest number of consecutive shots of whiskey drunk in one night.

I can’t help wondering why that would be a record anyone would want to pursue for any reason.  And why some line item mention in The Guiness Book of World Records,  or a plaque on the wall of their restaurants recognizing this accomplishment, if I can even call it an accomplishment, would be a matter of pride.

And then I got to thinking about records in general.  Records worth pursuing.    Plaques worth hanging.

And I thought about The Pink Fund and my desire from the very beginnings of my breast cancer journey, when this idea began to form in my head, because of my own experience with the financial fallout that can come from a breast cancer diagnosis, to make a difference in the lives of a sister or brother survivor and their families while fighting this disease.

A financial fallout not just because of the added medical bills, the co-pays and prescriptions insurance does not cover.  But because of the potential for job loss, the inability to work due to side affects so numbing your feet and fingers fail you and you begin to wonder if you are going mad, because you can’t remember from one minute to the next, or put together a cohesive sentence, and so rather than risk talking you simply shut up and suffer.

Initially, I  never considered the work of The Pink Fund in terms of how many women we could help, knowing it would start with one and then another and another.

Would this be a record worth pursuing?

I haven’t really taken the time to count all the pink file folders holding poignant letters humbly asking for help.

Would this  be a record worth pursuing?

I only know that every day,every week, every month, our team sits down to address the issues a breast cancer patient faces when he or she cannot make the mortgage, worries about the lights or heat being turned off, makes a decision to not pay an automobile insurance premium, because darn it, I need this car to get to treatment and work, but if I pay my insurance, Edison is going to turn my lights off and Consumers  might literally  leave me out in the cold!

Paying the mortgage,  Edison , Consumers ,  insurance premiums, can we count those?

Would that be a record worth pursuing?

I only know from the files of heartfelt thank-you notes for “saving my life”, “being like family” , “giving me hope” “because I am crying happy tears for the first time in months”  that The Pink Fund is creating day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year some kind of record for providing  help and instilling  hope in another  human being.

A record worth pursuing . . . .

A record for reaching out in love and listening to a very frightened woman, or spouse, or partner or friend or daughter who is seeking help because their wife, friend or mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her job or cannot work and used up their savings or liquidated their 401K.

Is there some kind of record book for this work?  Is there some place, somewhere in some record book where that number will appear, and beside it, THE PINK FUND?

Can you qualify by quantifying the effect on a human heart, by the work you do that you hold the World’s Record and can prove it by pointing to the plaque on the wall!

I don’t think so.  But I do know its worth pursuing. . . . .

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  1. clarice

     /  April 16, 2010

    I just read Molly’s blog about drinking the shots of whiskey. I feel the same about the poor choice made by Claddagh’s Tavern. There are unfortunately, some organizations that just want the “Cash” to add to their fundraiser pot and for them this crazy hype will be just fine. We at The Pink Fund will have no part of it now or ever, we consider ourselves above that type of binge drinking induced event. Let’s raise the bar to a better, healthier way to bring breast cancer awareness to the public.

    Survivor, Clarice


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