Mother’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis Births an Idea to Help

Full Figured Fashion model, Alexandra Boos is the Founder of Luminous Breast Cancer Foundation,, providing breast cancer survivors products as wigs and skincare.  Her mother’s breast cancer journey made such an impression on Alexandra, she became determined to use her personal platform to promote a new venture.

Alexandra and her Mother Nancy

By Alexandra Boos

I have been a full figured model in New York City for over two decades with an insider’s view of the glamorous industries of fashion and beauty.

Eight years ago my mother was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.  Sharing the journey of chemotherapy, radiation, hair loss, fatigue, breast surgery, and more allowed me to witness firsthand the challenges recovering from breast cancer can have physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Depression and self-image can have a large impact on recovery.  My mother only wanted to look and feel like herself in order to enjoy each moment of her life while healing.  Many of the products not considered “life saving”, such as her wig and skincare after radiation, were costly and not covered by insurance.  My mother was fortunate to have insurance but what about all those women without?

Being a mother myself, I knew that women often meet their families’ needs before considering their own.  The under-insured and un-insured should never have to choose between paying for a product that allows them to recover with dignity and a basic bill for survival.  The dichotomy of holding my mom’s hand during chemotherapy and then finding myself on a photo shoot the next day helped give birth to the idea of developing a platform where fashion and entertainment with a heart can give back to the community.

Luminous Breast Cancer Foundation was soon created with the idea that a breast cancer diagnosis no longer needs to extinguish our inner glow when we are living our lives to the fullest.  Patients now can embrace the journey toward recovery with passion and hope.  I now utilize my career as a platform to invite the glamorous industries of fashion, beauty and entertainment to partner with the best of breast health care providers to meet the needs of the un-insured and underserved.

One of my first initiatives, created in conjunction with The All4One Alliance, is a calendar called 2011 Show Us Your Bra! composed of  artistic, witty, and fashionable interpretations of the bra designed by artists and celebrities including India.Arie, Emme, Rebecca Minkoff, and more. My goal through Luminous Breast Cancer Foundation is to empower and support quality of life and recovery, so nothing can stop these women from letting their luminous inner light shine!

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