“Through a Child’s Eyes”

At The Pink Fund we always say our financial aid removes stress for families while opening a window in the heart for Hope . . . .


By Maryann Makekau

Have you ever tried to use your imagination to figure things out? For example: Since dogs appear to understand their owner’s words, do they also understand what another dog’s bark means? Have you ever wondered where exactly Heaven is? Maybe it’s actually all around us! And what if there was a cure for cancer so simple that no one would ever imagine it?

Vivid imagination is something often disregarded by adults. Yet, your imagination is a rich source of hope, no matter what your age! Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Daphna at a social work oncology conference. She was visiting from England with her mother, who was delivering a lecture to attendees. When Daphna happened upon my Little Pink Book table, she stopped to talk with me.

As Daphna read through When Mom’s Cancer Doesn’t Go Away, she talked about the book’s illustrations. Together, Daphna & I took those illustrations on a journey outside the pages, as she shared her “cure” for cancer: “a shampoo that you could just put all over the body, lather it up really good and rinse it off with water; then the cancer would fall off with the water.”

I was struck as much by Daphna’s compassion as her description of a cure for cancer. At nine years old, she knew enough about cancer’s impact to brain-storm about a cure! Her insight was profound being that “the skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about 20 square feet.” (www.webmd.com)

Cancer research has led to significantly better treatments. Many individuals are leading productive, promising lives—even with stage 4 diagnoses. Scientific imaginations are transforming cancer from a life-threatening disease to a chronic disease.

There is hope…one day we’ll celebrate the “imaginative” process that transformed cancer from treatable to curable. What we see through the eyes of a child today is in essence a vision of our future.

Children are our next generation of scientists, and miracle workers—for all who bank on the hope of a cure. Don’t outgrow your imagination, because hope matters for every step of life’s journey!


Maryann Makekau, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Copyright 2011


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