And Now We Are Five

By Molly MacDonald

I suppose it was inevitable.  The statistics are undeniable.  But in the summer of 2005 our newly diagnosed group of breast cancer survivors, all seven of us, sat weekly in a circle at Beaumont Hospital, sharing  our breast cancer journey, and caring for each other as best we could, shell shocked that WE were had joined the statistical roll call of the “one in eight who will be diagnosed in her lifetime.”  Never really thinking that any one of us, might join that other statistic, “40,000 women will die annually from breast cancer.”  Or that we would bury any two of us,   just six summers later, just six weeks apart.  Both gone too soon, one just weeks after her 68th birthday, the other two months short of her 48th birthday.

Now we are five . . .to say this is sobering is an understatement.

Now We are Five

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