By Maryann Makekau 

Growing up in Hawaii, my husband celebrated the Old Year as significantly as the New Year. I like the symbolism found in his family tradition—it’s important to acknowledge what’s happened as you look forward to what’s coming.

My old year now appears as a flurry of events in my mind. What unfolded from month to month, and state to state, was more than I ever could have imagined. I’m in awe of the people I’ve met. Molly MacDonald was one of the first to encourage me in 2011. As she looked through my pink books at a West Palm Beach conference, she exclaimed, “Why aren’t these in every cancer center and hospital in America?” I’m honored to say that they’re now in centers across the map, and adopted as therapeutic tools for palliative care at University of Alabama Birmingham and Hospice Maui of Hawaii, amongst others.


My visit with Molly began a friendship, plus an invitation to write for The Pink Fund. Her story of survivorship turned “givership” magnified what I knew in my heart—where there is passion, there is purpose. Throughout the year, my path continued to be blessed by people with Molly’s kind of vision and tenacity.


From writer’s conferences to military symposiums, my ability to make a difference was magnified. Together with a team of experts, the hopeful stories that I’d created through a child’s eyes came off the pages and into presentations, articles, commercials and music. My artist’s stick-characters became hopeful advocates on their own. They also found their way into music—being adopted on a drum-head for “Risen Fight”—a group of men supporting women battling cancer.

In August, my Little Pink Book title, When Your Mom Has Cancer appeared in Martina McBride’s music video “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.” My quest began: to thank Martina and the woman holding my book in the video. One month later, a Nashville book tour led me to a meeting with the directors of the Inspirational Country Music Awards. That led to tickets for 75 survivors of the After Breast Cancer Program of Middle Tennessee (one of my beneficiaries). Then, just four days before the awards, I found Taira Baughman—the woman holding my book in Martina’s video. Another friendship began along my hope-filled path. Taira and her family also accompanied me to the October awards show, what a beautiful way to say “thank you!”

In November, Taira reciprocated by inviting me to become a Sponsor and Guardian Angel in her Operation Love project. Her desire to bless patients undergoing chemotherapy during Christmas led her to create “Operation—We’re Gonna Love Them Through It.” Once again, my path merged with Molly when The Pink Fund was also invited to be a Sponsor for the project.

Together, with Love Angels across the nation, over 1000 stockings were filled and delivered to cancer patients. With a team of love angels, I had the honor of delivering stockings in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee during the week of Christmas. Traveling to Nashville gave me the opportunity to personally thank Martina. Alongside Martina McBride, the Baughman family, and Team Martina, we brought love and hope inside cancer patient’s lives. I couldn’t have imagined a more meaningful setting to thank Martina than in the midst of loving on cancer patients—bringing me right back to the heart of every Little Pink Book.


May your Old Year be a source of hope as you hug every possibility this New Year!



Maryann Makekau, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Founder of Hope Matters




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  1. From NYC to Nashville & In Between – We’re Gonna Love Them Through It : Because Hope Matters Blog
  2. From NYC to Nashville & In Between – We're Gonna Love Them Through It : Hope Matters

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