The Inch of the Earth That Changed My Life Forever

By Molly MacDonald

245 Park Avenue
New York City

Ask a breast cancer survivor, or any cancer survivor for that matter; they will be able to tell you, the time, the day, the place, perhaps down to the very inch of the earth, when they heard the news that changed their lives forever.

The news that begins with “I’m sorry and follows with phrases like “The biopsy was positive,” or “The lab report shows cancer”, or “The tumor is not benign.” and concludes with “You have”,fill in the blank cancer.”

For me, it was Friday, April 1st, 2005. I was in New York City “pitching” the graphics program for the 2005 Major League Baseball All-Star Games which were played in my home town of Detroit that July.

On Top of the World

The company I was to join was on the short-list to get the bid. From the 31st floor of Major League Baseball’s offices, I felt on top of the world. For the first time in eight years, my dream of making an income which would allow me to support myself and my children after a financially devestating divorce was about to come true.

Walking out of MLB’s plush Park Avenue offices, I walked to Grand Central Station’s Union Oyster Bar for lunch, and to purchase a tub of, I kid you not, the best chocolate mousse in the world! You don’t have to like, order or eat oysters to get the mousse. Take it out, as I did.

Hopping into a cab to LaGuardia, my cell phone rang and somewhere stuck in traffic in New York City, my ob gyn, who delivered all five of my children, delivered what for 40,000 a women a year in this country is a death sentence. I had breast cancer.

Never mind that the stage was early and unlikely to take my life. . . . I could barely digest the diagnosis, but quickly began to ingest the mousse, hoping to soothe my anxiety until I could get home to my new husband and something stronger, like a Manhattan.

No Foolin’

This coming Sunday, April lst, will mark seven years, since I heard those “no foolin” words. Since my world was turned upside down. Since my career was sharply detoured to the off ramp while I underwent five months of treatment, two surgeries and six weeks of daily radiation to save my life.

Seven years since the loss of my income almost cost us the loss of our home and landed us in the basement of a local food bank.

Seven years since my quest to get help was met with blank stares and resulted in one to give help instead, giving birth to The Pink Fund,

The Pink Fund, a public charity, was formed to provide short term financial aid for breast cancer patients in active treatment who are unable to work.

Marking the Moment

This coming Sunday, I plan to mark the moment, when I heard that news, by purchasing a virtual inch of the earth at and giving back to The Pink Fund.

At one can claim exclusive virtual ownership
of any inch of the earth. Similar to purchasing a star, it’s virtual ownership, but of a real place where you and others can swap stories.

Get a Good Deed

When using My Inch of the Earth, the latitude and
longitude coordinates of the place you choose are exclusive to you.
You receive a personalized deed, called a GoodDEED because you also
choose a cause to benefit from your purchase.

Each inch you choose is exclusive to you and by selecting The Pink Fund as your cause of choice you will be helping to support out of work women and men in active treatment for breast cancer pay some of their bills.

The Pink Fund receives 75% of the purchase price of your inch.

Where’s Your Inch?

What’s your story? Where is that inch of the earth you can claim for yourself, give as a gift or create a memorial? Where is that special place you can personalize with a picture or story and share it with your friends and your family?

Look for mine at 245 Park Avenue, New York City . .. the place where my dream for financial security ended, but another dream to provide financial security for others began.

Molly MacDonald is the Founder and President of The Pink Fund and a proud seven year breast cancer SurThrivor!  You can reach her at









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  1. Joanna Morales

     /  April 3, 2012

    Molly, you are a testament to what one person can do. I just claimed my inch of the earth!


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