Do you adore you?


Adoration comes from the Latin adōrātiō, meaning “to give homage or worship to someone or something.” If worship means to adore, to take in, to treat with the utmost respect or to hold in the highest esteem, then we should all hold ourselves in that consciousness. And, truthfully, when we don’t adore ourselves or treat ourselves with maximum respect, we will attract others who don’t treat us well.

Dare to adore yourself! Find a way to define adoration for yourself and see if worship flows as an expression of your adoration. Take a leap and let yourself feel what it’s like to adore you. Who knows?

In my view, this can be a result of the Mirror Practices described in my November 3 blog post. Take a look back to refresh your memory if you’ve forgotten. Do the practice again and as you look into your eyes, say, “I adore you (and your name).” As you do this, look with adoration, with utmost respect and highest esteem ~ for you.

We’ve all seen the electrifying adoration when a parent looks at their infant, drinking in the child’s essence, beauty, mystery, and fragility all at once.  Sometimes lovers gaze similarly into each other’s eyes as if the entire cosmos rested there.  The power of this kind of attraction touches us at the core of our being; our very humanity comes alive as if we’re seeing our own selves anew or for the first time.

For the remainder of the month, practice adoring yourself. Let yourself adore you because you are so worth it! I’d love to know your experience with this deeper mirror practice, so feel free to comment below.

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