Sultry Sexy Summer


Two years ago I moved from Northern California to Memphis, Tennessee, following my sweetheart to a new corporate job. I took a leap of faith into love and went, sight unseen. Arriving in Memphis in the middle of July was shocking. I went from cool and foggy nights and mornings to temperatures in the upper 90’s, with matching humidity

At first if felt like a hot wet blanket draped itself on me when I walked out the door. It literally took my breath away. I quickly learned to be active early in the mornings or very late at night. I drank gallons of iced tea and ate many salads and cold meals.

As I acclimated, the air started to feel different. The hot wet blanket became sultry and silky and caressed my skin. With the humidity the texture of my skin began to change and felt softer and silkier. One day I spent many hours on our covered back porch, reading a romance novel and sipping a glass of sweating ice tea with mint muddled in the bottom of the glass. There was a very slight breeze, just enough so that I could feel it in the downy hair on my forearms.

I must have dozed off in the heat… I dreamed that I was Elizabeth Taylor in Mexico filming “Night of the Iguana” with Richard Burton. Love found them in the tropics and they burned up the movie sets with their endless passion for each other. Beads of sweat were on their lips and brows as they moved through the sultry air, passion smoldering in their eyes and radiating our their pores…

When I woke up, my skin was glistening with a damp sweat. I felt like my body was being caressed with the finest silk. The very air was caressing and kissing my skin, inspired by the gentle hot breeze. I let myself go fully into the experience of the caress and felt so loved ~ by nature, by the goddess (Aphrodite perhaps), by my own body. I walked across the yard, removed my clothes and lowered myself into the warm swimming pool. The warm wet water caressed me in a different way than the air. It was all so luxurious, sensual and sultry.

I have no idea how long this lasted. I was transported to an entirely new and different experience of physical love. It has changed my experience of heat and humidity and my experience of being loved in this world.

During these long warm summer days, experiment with feeling sultry and sensuous, beginning with your skin and allowing that feeling to travel in to your core where you feel loved. Feel the caress on you skin and know that you are loved. Let yourself be loved. Let me know what you experience.

© 2012 by Barbara Musser, Sexy After Cancer.
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