Sacred Space for Your Inner Aphrodite



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Now that you’ve met your Inner Aphrodite, this is a good time to honor her and strengthen your connection with her by creating some sacred space dedicated to her and to the Inner Aphrodite in you.

Creating sacred space for yourself helps to make a greater circle around you to help you remember love and beauty during the day. What does it mean to create sacred space? If you think about how and where you spend your time, you’ll see what is sacred to you. Is it your workspace? Kitchen? TV room? Where you put your focus shows what you hold sacred. We live in a world currently that seems to value technology over many other things.

Do you have a special location where you can explore your feelings or meditate? Do you have a vision-for-thriving room? Would you like to devote some space to honoring love, beauty and sexuality by honoring Aphrodite? Sometimes all it takes is the choice to prioritize love and intimacy in order to create sacred space for it.

What are your thoughts when you read the words “sacred space?” How can you create this for you and then preserve it as you go about your day? Is it an actual physical space, or is it an attitude, a lens for viewing life? Are love and intimacy sacred to you? What does your connection with your Inner Aphrodite mean to you? It’s worth contemplating so that you can time and space for them if they are priorities.

How to do this? It can be as simple as you like. How can you create, preserve and consecrate your everyday space (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space) so that it reflects your highest personal values as well as evoking the qualities that Aphrodite represents to you.

Molly MacDonald told me the other day that one of the most special aspects of the Dancing with Survivors event is that the dancers all felt beautiful, sexy and in the flow of the movement and music. Creating beauty and joy are ways to create sacred space.

We now know that our bodies are precious and sacred, as we make our way along the cancer journey. Do you honor yourself with what you take in ~ food, drink thoughts, environment and so on?

I have an altar in my bedroom devoted to Aphrodite, beauty, love and sexuality. I chose the colors to reflect love and passion, and asked my Inner Aphrodite what she wants on the altar. I have candles, crystals, a sculpture of a couple in an embrace, some sensual photos of myself and a box to contain my visions and dreams. There are also pearls, silk scarves and a bottle of my favorite personal lubricant. Each morning I sit facing my altar for my meditation and after the meditation, I bow as a sign of reverence to Aphrodite. I often ask her what she wants to express through me and wait for her guidance. It’s always intriguing, sensual and beautiful! It’s in the photo at the beginning of this blog

Let us know how you create sacred time and space ~ let us learn from and be inspired by your wisdom and experiences.

© 2012 by Barbara Musser, Sexy After Cancer.
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