Pleasure Possibilities Part 2


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Continuing with pearls of pleasure, today’s pearl for opening to more pleasure and love is about writing love notes and letters ~ to yourself or to your beloved. The intention is to use written words to express your love and pleasure in ways that are surprising and that bring delight.

Here are some ideas to inspire you~

  • Using a pad of blank post-it notes, write a message on each that gives a love or pleasure message. You might write, “When I open my eyes and see you in the morning, my heart overflows with love,” “Feeling the touch of your skin on mine makes me purr,” “You are an angel, a messenger of love.” Let the love and pleasure pour out into the words as you write them. Then put the notes on the car windshield, the bathroom mirror, on the computer monitor, places where they will be seen and will bring the experience of love and pleasure as they are read. You can do this for yourself as well as for your partner. Leave them up so that you or they will see them often.
  • Get a large poster board and write a love note on it with colored markers in large letters. Then tape it to the wall outside the coffee shop where your sweetheart goes on their way to work.
  • Make a lunch for yourself or your sweetheart and put a note in it that describes how much you love them.
  • Write on the mirror with lipstick, “I love you!”
  • If you live in snow or sand country, write a love message in the snow or sand and walk by with your honey. If they don’t see the words, point them out so that they know the message is for them.
  • Send a love or pleasure text to tell them that you can’t wait to see them after work or school.
  • Plan a special meal and put a love note on their plate so that they will see it when they sit at the table.
  • Make a card and put it on their pillow with a piece of chocolate ~ this is finer turn-down service than any hotel!
  • For their birthday, make a card and write the number of ways they bring you pleasure, one for each year of their age. Fifty years old means 50 ways they bring you pleasure. Or turn it the other way and write 50 ways you want to bring them pleasure or love. Or do both.
  • Write a love letter where you let the depth of your love flow freely. Be generous and let them know how precious and special they are to you. If it helps, remember what it was like when you were newly in love. Taking yourself back to that time and place helps to re-create it in the present moment.

Let your heart and imagination soar as you tap into the love and pleasure vibrations. Choose to love, and to love freely and generously. It feels wonderful!

© 2014 by Barbara Musser, Sexy After Cancer.
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