You are Your Lifetime Lover


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It’s February and the subject is love.  We’re awash in Hallmark moments about romance, hearts and flowers and little candy kisses with sweet messages.  Let’s take a deeper look at love, at self-love.

The truth is that love begins and ends with you and your relationship with yourself. You are your primary partner. How you feel about you shapes how you receive and give love. Sometimes we think that we’ll love ourselves when we know others love us. If we don’t feel loved, it’s easy to think that we’re unlovable and that only love from others can fill that emptiness. This is backwards. How we feel about ourselves is what we transmit to the world. When you are in love with you and loving you, you radiate love and it’s irresistible. You are irresistible.

For the month of February, my invitation and challenge is to love yourself fully, to believe that you are adorable, lovable and irresistible. Imagine what your life would be like if you felt totally loved all the time? This is the gift I’m inviting you to give to you.

Each day this month, explore a way to love yourself. Open your heart to you the way you open to the one/s you love most. Be generous with your love because you deserve to be adored. At first this may feel silly or awkward. Stick with it and be creative. Here are a few ideas to get you started ~

  • Write yourself a love letter. Tell yourself all the things you appreciate and love about yourself. Write it on beautiful stationery or a card and mail it. Hint: you can do this more than once and perhaps you’ll send you a Valentine!
  • Take yourself out on a date. Dress up for you so that you feel beautiful and go out for coffee, a movie, dinner or for a walk in a beautiful place.
  • Meditate on love. What does love mean to you? How do you know when you are loved? How can you be more loving with you? Open to receive what comes to you as you sit and contemplate these questions and any others than inspire you.
  • Buy yourself some gorgeous flowers, or send them to yourself. Include a love note with the flowers and when you look at them, remember how much you love you.
  • Each time you see your face in a mirror say “I love you” out loud.

Keep a love journal and each day write about your love practice and exploration for that day ~ what you did, how it felt and what you’re learning about loving you. Keep the journal in a special place and read it often to remind you of your love for you.

Please share some of the ways you are loving you so that we can be inspired by each other!

© 2014 by Barbara Musser, Sexy After Cancer.
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  1. Margaret Stockwell

     /  February 6, 2014

    Love love LOVE this\you! Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU dear Lady Barbara!


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