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At the end of 2013 I suggested that you review the year and look forward, all with the intention of creating your Personal Pleasure Plan for the New Year. In the spirit of pleasure and ideas to inspire and create pleasure, the month of January is devoted to offering you some possibilities for pleasure. Imagine that I am extending my open hand to you and in the palm of my hand are pearls of pleasure. As you examine the pearls, play with those that appeal to you. They are all ways to love yourself and your partner more. As you play with the pearls and discover more pleasure, you are creating a beautiful string of pleasure pearls…

There are so many ways to love and experience pleasure. They all begin with the heart, mind and senses. Open your heart and mind to the idea of creating and experiencing more pleasure in more ways. Today is about visual pleasure and love.

Create a love mandala. In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, mandalas are geometric shapes that represent the universe. The idea is to use your eyes, hands and objects you have around the house to create a love mandala, to remind you of the pleasure of love.

To begin, play some soft background music. Light some candles or incense if that appeals to you. Take a few deep breaths and tune in to your intuition. Ask what to use to make your mandala. It could be paper clips, the petals of a flower, the socks in your laundry basket, q-tips or the segments of an orange.  Perhaps it’s some crayon stubs or scraps of paper, or some dried pinto or kidney beans. Don’t second-guess yourself. Simply allow your intuition and visual sense to guide you as you collect the materials to make your mandala.

Place the mandala parts of a tray and sit and ponder them as you tune into love and pleasure. Then let your hands create your mandala. Feel happy and loving as the mandala takes shape, and be thrilled by your own art and your inner happiness and love.  Let the experience of love and pleasure inside you come out. You may feel surprised. Relax and know that you are creating love and pleasure visually.

Mandalas are creations from the heart and soul and are meant to be seen and adored.  Tibetan monks create intricate mandalas from sand and then destroy them as soon as they are made. The purpose is as a symbol of devotion. Ask you intuition for guidance about what to do with your mandala ~ perhaps you want to share it with your loved ones, perhaps not. Trust what information comes to you and know that it all comes from love and pleasure.

After you have created your mandala, choose to look through the heart and eyes of love and pleasure as you go about your day. Choosing love and pleasure is an intentional act and you can choose it any time.

May this pearl of visual pleasure and love, and creating a mandala, remind you that you have the power and the gift of creating beauty, pleasure and love in any moment.

© 2014 by Barbara Musser, Sexy After Cancer.
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